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DUI Laws | Misdemeanor DUI

Most DUI arrests in California are misdemeanors. Even a misdemeanor driving offense is complicated in terms of court appearances and the penalty phase of the case. If you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor DUI, California penalties are still pretty tough.

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If you have been arrested for DUI / Drunk Driving, be sure to hire lawyers who are successful and experienced in defending DUI / Drunk Driving cases. Some attorneys only dabble in DUI / Drunk Driving law and are not equipped to handle the complicated legal and scientific nature of most DUI / Drunk Driving cases.

DUI Checkpoints Near You

Police agencies throughout Southern California are using random DUI checkpoints to stop and arrest drivers who are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. Get all of the latest DUI Checkpoints by liking us on facebook.

Arrested for DUI? What a first time offender can expect

DUI ClassesAny driver convicted of a DUI in California must attend DUI school within three weeks of sentencing. You must have a court order or notice of suspension from the DMV to enroll in a DUI program. An experienced DUI Attorney from the DUI hotline can advise you on the basics of fulfilling DUI school requirements. Drivers may qualify for a restricted license while attending a DUI class. Contact your DUI attorney for more information on the advantages of a successfully completed DUI class. Continue reading